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Figuring Out June

Today I woke up (well, Mateo woke us up), opened my browser and incorporated my first company. I have to say that it’s a great feeling but also one of contradictory emotions. I’ll do everything in my power to keep the entrepreneurial strength and try to balance this imbalance towards the positive. After all, that’s Babson’s number one take-away.

GroupGuess, LLC is the company that today I lead and will start to get off the ground. At GroupGuess, we strive to be the easiest way to aggregate collective knowledge and provide better context for your decision on the web. I’ve spent the last few days studying the code by which our prototype works, learning how powerful Python is for web development and redesigning the GUI to achieve the best usability. I’ve set two important milestones that have to be achieved in terms of development within the month to be able to start showing the service to the world. What “the world” thinks of it will be pretty much what will define the next steps.

In a different order of ideas, I hope that June allows me to return to this complicated activity (blogging) in an orderly fashion. I have tons of post drafts with very good stuff (music, last lectures at Babson). Tomorrow will also mark Mateo’s second month in this world. Suffice it to say that it has been the most amazing time in my life and the great amount by which it has changed my life only compares to the amount by which it has brought happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction to our small family. Looking forward to every single second that follows.

neinno.comI’m also happy to see that my incorporation happens at the right time. June is Innovation Month in New England. Scott Kirsner, et al, proposes to spark innovation this month as a way to get the gears of the economy turning again (here’s his column yesterday in the Globe). There are plenty of events this month for entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs, innovators and new-venture enthusiasts.

New start-ups, new product ideas from established companies, new approaches to old problems” is what we expect to see in all the innovation-related events this month. I hope the weather contributes to make it the perfect month in Boston.

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Hoping April is not fool

I’m probably the worst blogger ever. I don’t even want to mention the date of my last post or the fact that one of my New Year’s resolutions was to “blog more”. But today is a brand new month and as we wrap up the first 3 months of the year (or, as financiers like to call it: “the worst Q1 in modern history”) I’m thoughtfully retaking my blogging responsibilities.

Fact to the matter is that I’ve been quite busy. The Dad-to-be role is a capital intensive and time consuming job that I’ve been enjoying every single second of. The excitement and eagerness grow exponentially as time passes and feelings tend to separate from everything we’ve felt in our lives so far and beyond any description possible. Mateo will breathe in this world any of these coming days. (He’ll also read this post someday, so, Mateo, this is your father before you were even born).

I’ve also been spending a lot of time creating a story and a presence for an ambitious project at Babson. Almost 2 years ago the individuals that today lead the Babson Latin America Business Club set out to plan and organize the first region-focused entrepreneurship event at Babson. Today, the Latin America Entrepreneurship Forum is a reality. It will be held on April 24 and will host more than 15 speakers and panelists with an expected attendance of over 300 MBA students and professionals interested in Latin America. If you’re feeling any sort of interest, you should check out the website or, even better, register online for the evemt.

I’m also thrilled to report that GroupGuess, the venture that has taken us to an amazing journey through Babson’s entrepreneurship elites, is a finalist in the 22nd Annual Douglass Foundation Graduate Business Plan Competition. We’ll be presenting the day of the Student Venturing event for a chance to win $20,000 in money prizes.

April will literally change my life. I hope that the news I get during this month are good ones for the most part and that I’m able to receive May (graduation month) with a better understanding of where my life will take me in the near future.

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The GroupGuess Oscar Exercise


A couple of minutes ago, my colleague and I finally finished coding the alpha site of GroupGuess, the early-stage venture we have created while at Babson.
We came up with a simple site that will let people guess Oscar 2009 winners in 5 categories: Best Picture, Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Best Supporting Actor.
This exercise will let us gather our first set of collective data and analyze how effective “groupguessing” is and how it can be applied to real business problems. In this first open guess we introduced the incentive to answer guesses outlined in our business plan as a revenue source: there’s a $100 USD prize for the best guesser(s). So, if you’re reading this, what are you waiting for? Go to and participate! (you’ll need a Google Account to log in the system).
I must also say that it has been a great experience learning to deploy to Google App Engine. It’s fast, functional and, best of all, free.

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