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Push recovery notifications

This morning, like every morning, my various digital devices pushed notifications to me in the first hours after waking up. First thing I do is pick up my Kindle before entering the bathroom. When I turn it on, the current issue of the New York Times has been delivered to my device via “whispersync“, a fancy Amazon word for pushed digital content technology. Today, the last business day of October 2009, the first sentence of the New York Times frontpage reads:

The United States has emerged from the longest economic contraction since Wolrd War II.

Happy news and definitely a good way to start the day. Next, my iPhone with the amazing new CNN app pushes the following notification to my home screen, immediately after turning the device on:

The largest stimulus program in the nation’s history has created or saved just over 640,000 jobs, the Obama administration said.

Another good indication that this country is apparently pulling out of the “great recession”, a terminology we’ll possibly use when we tell our kids stories about 2009. The way these notifications are pushed to me every morning make me think of the digital aspect of our lifestyle and how these technologies contribute to widespread innovation and in turn, in a tiny way, to this recovery. I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that crisis and recessions make us think about new, more efficient ways to do everything we do and that unleashes innovation. Then, the achieved innovations fuel the economy and generate growth again. All part of a virtuous cycle that we tend to ignore when we concentrate only on the down times.

These innovations and the digitalization of our interactions with media never cease to amaze me and keep me ticking…even during recessions.

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Figuring Out June

Today I woke up (well, Mateo woke us up), opened my browser and incorporated my first company. I have to say that it’s a great feeling but also one of contradictory emotions. I’ll do everything in my power to keep the entrepreneurial strength and try to balance this imbalance towards the positive. After all, that’s Babson’s number one take-away.

GroupGuess, LLC is the company that today I lead and will start to get off the ground. At GroupGuess, we strive to be the easiest way to aggregate collective knowledge and provide better context for your decision on the web. I’ve spent the last few days studying the code by which our prototype works, learning how powerful Python is for web development and redesigning the GUI to achieve the best usability. I’ve set two important milestones that have to be achieved in terms of development within the month to be able to start showing the service to the world. What “the world” thinks of it will be pretty much what will define the next steps.

In a different order of ideas, I hope that June allows me to return to this complicated activity (blogging) in an orderly fashion. I have tons of post drafts with very good stuff (music, last lectures at Babson). Tomorrow will also mark Mateo’s second month in this world. Suffice it to say that it has been the most amazing time in my life and the great amount by which it has changed my life only compares to the amount by which it has brought happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction to our small family. Looking forward to every single second that follows.

neinno.comI’m also happy to see that my incorporation happens at the right time. June is Innovation Month in New England. Scott Kirsner, et al, proposes to spark innovation this month as a way to get the gears of the economy turning again (here’s his column yesterday in the Globe). There are plenty of events this month for entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs, innovators and new-venture enthusiasts.

New start-ups, new product ideas from established companies, new approaches to old problems” is what we expect to see in all the innovation-related events this month. I hope the weather contributes to make it the perfect month in Boston.

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